Wednesday, February 13, 2013

CineMayhem Spotlight: FOXES (Lorcan Finnegan)

Sunday, March 3rd at 12 pm

Directed by Lorcan Finnegan

Written by Garret Shanley

Produced by Brunella Cocchiglia

Director of Photography Miguel de Olaso, Macgregor

Edited by Frank Reid

Marie Ruane
Tom Vaughan-Lawlor
Karen Griffin

Ellen and James live alone in a silent maze of uniform houses populated only by spectral shrieking foxes. No neighbours means no business for Ellen’s photographic portrait studio. James commutes to and from work each day, leaving in the morning, returning at dusk.

Ellen spends her time photographing the foxes. The creatures seem to beckon. She follows them into a feral and twilight world. Ellen’s pastime becomes an obsession. An obsession that alienates James.
James confronts Ellen. She flees the house, vanishing into the endless rows of overgrown gardens. 

Night falls and she does not return. James’ search yields nothing. James is left alone in the silent maze. Weeks pass as he tries to cope with the isolation. Trying to get on with it. Trying to ignore the shrieking creatures that call from outside the house, beckoning.

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