Friday, February 8, 2013

Walk-Through Today at the Muvico

So while I work on finalizing the line-up for the CineMayhem Film Fest this weekend (our hopes are to get tickets on sale through Muvico this week), I wanted to share a few photos from the theater that I took after the walk-through.

Let's just say anyone at CineMayhem is in for a really fantastic time- the theater seats are all insanely plushy (perfect for an all-day fest) and we're working on getting some of the screenings in the theaters where we can all booze it up together while watching awesome horror flicks.

I also confirmed at our walk-through today that we will be having a party Saturday night at Bogart's, the bar and restaurant located inside Muvico and there will of course be some horror themed specials on hand.

But anyways, just wanted to share a few photos from Muvico as I'm absolutely thrilled to not only have them on board as a sponsor of CineMayhem but to be able to give audiences a truly fantastic movie-going experience at the same time is kind of like a bonus too.

Look for more news soon!

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