Tuesday, February 26, 2013

CineMayhem Spotlight: RIVULETS: "HOW, WHO" Music Video (Adam Barnick)

WORLD PREMIERE -Saturday, March 2nd Before COLDWATER at 4:15 pm


Directed and Edited by Adam Barnick

Produced by Adam Barnick, Jessica Luhrssen, Dominick Sivilli

Director of Photography: Dominick Sivilli

A Wicked Tree Films and Codebreaker Productions Release


Nathan Amundson (singer/buried man)

Jerry Murdock, John Presnell (soldiers)

Mark Coffin, Edmundo Santos (laborers)

Teaser Trailer:

Adam Barnick's first music video for Rivulets/Nathan Amundson was the recent "I Don't Want to Be Found," on Rivulets's newest album We're Fucked (2011, Important Records).  Largely performance-based, it explored anonymity and escape from one's modern surroundings through a few key images, leaving the bigger picture implied.

Director Barnick's second collaboration with Rivulets leaves modern trappings behind to quietly, creepily make its way through a slightly abstract funeral procession in Civil War-era America.  The video is also unique in that it is for a song from Nathan's debut album RIVULETS, released a decade ago.  

"How, Who" is a deliberate, haunting song that softly works its way under your skin, and Barnick matches that, avoiding the hyperkinetic style of most music videos for a chillingly cold black-and-white universe, with visuals that tip their hat to past genre work such as Dreyer's VAMPYR and classic Universal Horror.


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